KachingFund In 2018: An Honest Review You Can Use!

Planning to invest your money with a trustable portfolio marketer?

Okay, how about a review on an innovative virtual trading platform – KachingFund?

So, why is it an innovative platform?

KachingFund is an innovative marketplace because it employs the latest Blockchain technology integrated with Cryptocurrency based Index Fund. Furthermore, it is driven by Artificial Intelligence to calculate portfolio investments.


So, all in all, KachingFund uses these latest updates of 2018 to boost your investments with reasonable and adequate returns.

The USP?

You can start investing with as low as $100 at your disposal.

Here is a brief description of the packages that it offers for investment:

Silver Package: You can invest in this package starting from $100 up to $9999. You can get a decent return of 1.5% daily within it.

Gold Package: Investment in this package starts from $10000 reaching up to $49999. It gives an adequate return of 1.75% every day on your investment.

Platinum package: Here, you can invest from $50000 with no upper limit to investment. The ROI here is 2% per day. Along with it, you also get the support of a dedicated account manager if you opt for this package.

Apart from that, you can also earn direct referral commission and binary commission on new referrals down the line at 10% each. The returns are neither too high nor too low which makes the prospects approachable.

Along with these, the virtual investment platform also stands firm on some parameters:

  • Security: Your transactions are entirely secure. The company ensures valuing investors’ money with advanced security installations like GeoTrust, Trustwave, etc.
  • Fund diversity: Your money will be invested in different portfolios, thus minimising the risk an investment entails. So, you can relax when handing over your savings to them.


  • Backed by experts: The investment decision and maintenance has the support of experts in the domain of Cryptocurrency based Index Fund. Along with this, there are also multiple business analysts and fund managers to look after your finances.


  • Accountability: You can track your funds with ease with only one click anytime. Hence, the company is entirely accountable to investors for their money.


  • Convenient investment: It gives you an option to invest in different markets at the same time, from the same platform.


  • Multiple deposit options: You can invest not just with your dollars, but also with deposit methods like Bitcoin, Dash, Western Union, Dogecoin, Perfect Money, Local Deposit, etc.


Thus, all these effective measures make it a pretty good market for investment. Also, the security and convenience it offers strengthen its viability factor in 2018 and further.

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