Difficult To Find An Investor For Your Ideas? Follow This Post

So, you have your ideas ready! The patchwork is done, the budget is decided upon, and the presentation is ready. Yet the query remains – how to get investors for the project? With thousands of entrepreneurs pitching in their ideas on a single day, and inboxes of noted investors getting flooded, what is that ‘X’ factor which would help ‘a person with an idea’ to stand up?

For all those who are here wondering that whether they would get an idea of the path to take, folks the page is correct. Here are some of the most important strategies that will help one garner maximum number of investors for their projects.


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2 top-notches to hold it up

  • In most cases, investors do not take well to general introductions or unsolicited pitches. Therefore, a warm introduction is the key.
  • Secondly, lead mining is a great way to mine your contacts via mutual connections.

These are some of the pointers to start with while pitching the project. The significant aspect remains in how one takes the lead and moves ahead.

There’s more to do

Creating a map is very important

This is the initial step that one must take to start off in this process. In this path, LinkedIn is the best tool to start off. Herein, everyone can connect with others and via this information is generated.

Also, connecting with ‘macro’ groups is more important to ensure that the project gets a higher ground in comparison to other prospective clients.

Follow it up by meeting ‘super connectors’

The map connection format is to be followed up by super connectors which would introduce you to the correct set of people. A ‘macro’ set can give one the base but choosing the correct bet amidst this set is an individual decision. In this case, checking credentials is important and only then can one make the final cut.

The key to ensuring that the idea is to guarantee expansion of the network that has already been framed. Rather than simply meeting in a conference or dropping a message once in a while, via LinkedIn profiles one can focus on the networking group and turn them into potential investors.

Also, every time a project is pitched, its standards must be raised. Only that project which has the brightest lead can get maximum votes, even with the best of lead mining.

With these creative changes at the fore, rest assured that the next meeting will beckon you with maximum opportunities in terms of investing possibilities. Good Luck!

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